Our endorsements are handled by our good friends at WB Gear. 

Contact them at wbgear.com whenever you're up for it!


Who QUALIFIES for an endorsement? 

Our Endorsements are given to bands who have put the time and dedication into their music and really believe in what they are doing.  
Here are some questions to ask yourself...

Are you touring? Recording? Are you in need of large orders of strings, picks & cables for gigs & touring?
Are people listening to you? Have you established yourself online?

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. We believe in providing excellent products to our artists.
If you feel a product or service is right for you, there’s no contract binding you to it and you can leave at any time.

How long will my Endorsement last?

Your endorsement with WBGear will remain active for at least a year from the date WBGear qualifies you.
After that, it will continue on a month-to-month basis and can be cancelled at any time by WBGear or the band.

Can I sell this stuff?

Endorsements are provided to artists/bands to aid them in their journey to musical success, not for them to make a profit from their endorsement.
We ask that nothing be sold for at least 12 months.  If you’re caught reselling, your endorsement will be cancelled.

Why do I have to pay for strings if I am endorsed?

The bottom line is that the brands WBGear is working with are still young and growing companies.
We would love to be able to fully endorse all of our bands but we can’t do that and stay in business. We give you great artist pricing.
If you feel that is not good enough, we totally understand, and there might be something else out there for you. No hard feelings.

We are interested in supporting the independent musician.
Although the famous musicians and big names are great too! We believe that in the long run people will respect our devotion to the independents.

What if I or my band was already endorsed by WBGear in the past?

Welcome back, we would love to have you again!

Can I give my friend’s band some stuff to try?

Part of being an Endorsed Artist is to use our product proudly and tell others about it and why you use it.
If that means tossing a friend some strings to try on their axe or a handful of picks to rip out that next solo then do it up and make sure you tell
them they are using the best damn gear!

Do I have to use WBGear brands exclusively?

There is nothing that binds you to use WBGear brands exclusively.
We want to keep things as open as possible and we will never try and lock you into a contract.

Does everyone in the band have to use WBGear brands?

No, not all band members are required to use the gear that rocks.

What does WBGear expect from Artists?

 We won’t ask you to tattoo our logo on your body or anything, although that would be pretty cool. Put a sticker on a case or two.
Tag us on Facebook & Instagram. Basically, spread the love.